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Tarot Reading Step-By-Step Guide


Tarot Reading is a difficult art to learn and master. Tarot reading begins from a pack of cards and moves onto incorporate you. The perfect mastering is a technique when the cards become one with you.

The art of Tarot reading has a rich history circumambulating several centuries. Yet, today it exists exactly as the Freemasons dreamed it, the esoteric, spiritual path is engraved in these cards.

Tarot cards can be bought online, they can also be purchased from various shops. These cards connect with their owner, the moment you touch them. 

Tarot reading has developed and spread widespread over the last two centuries, when they are used as major divinatory tools, or esoteric devices. 

Tarot reading would imply you understand how to read Tarot Cards. 

There is a 12-step process you need to follow, in order to envision the wideness these cards envelope. 

  1. Buy a pack of Tarot cards, they must be your own to know how to read Tarot Cards.
  2. Cleanse them using natural elements, or crystals, or some other technique you know. 
  3. Now, use them, feel them, make them your own.
  4. In order to know how to read Tarot Cards- Read about them, in this age of varied versions, make sure you read the ones you like the most.
  5. Practice drawing one/ three cards in a row for your Tarot reading. Try it on yourself. You can try later on others.
  6. Create a sacred space for Tarot reading. Every day or every week, try to draw your cards in the same place.
  7. Try to learn what the books say about the cards, what you feel about the cards, what you think about the cards for Tarot reading.
  8. Unlearn all of the learning. You might feel something different from what others say about the cards in Tarot reading.
  9. If so, it is advisable to stick to the version you feel than the version you read.
  10. Practice with those feelings and make sure you read out what came true at the end of all your observations while attempting to know how to read Tarot Cards.
  11. After some practice, you would know which one is coming true- the ones that you think or what you feel. It could also be a conglomeration of what you thought and felt in one process.
  12. End the practice and make sure you record everything during the process of your learning on how to read Tarot Cards.

Come, let’s go through a Step by Step Tarot Reading Guide

Know How To Deal With The Negative Tarot Cards?

You can follow the below step by step process of Tarot Reading to ensure you have a way.

Please follow the below steps-

  1. Relax- First step in step by step Tarot reading guide
    • Make sure you know your way of relaxation, if you don’t then you can follow this process of relaxation. Request guidance. Sit in a relaxed posture or lie down in a reclining chair. In a relaxed state alone, the soft vibrating voice of intuitions can be heard.
  2. Cleanse your Tarot card
    • We have to cleanse the Tarot reading cards regularly, either by using all the five elements of Nature or using crystals. Cleanse your hands in the same way.
  3. Create your questions and keep them in your head
    • Make sure you have framed the questions clearly in your mind.
  4. Cut the deck
    • You can use the Hindu style of cutting the deck or else you can try other methods of cutting the deck.
  5. Spread the three or five spreads in front of you
    • Spread the cards, turn them to find out which cards have appeared, one by one.
  6. Record what you felt seeing the card
    • Immediately try to find out what you felt about the card. The egos and your mind appear only later. Thus, the first feeling has great significance in this reading.
  7. Bodily sensations
    • Your body can show you some facts. Do you feel knotted in the intestine? Does it bring a smile on your lips? Record it, these would go a long way in understanding what the cards want to tell you about a certain situation.
  8. Note the colour of the card
    • If you can see, each Tarot card is coloured differently. Try to read the colours, if you do not know the significance of all the colours, try to read about them a bit.
  9. Action
    • Make sure you know what is going on, within the card. If you can know that part, you know how to interpret the results.
  10. Characters & Symbols
    • Learn about the characters and the symbols present in the card. For example, you would find the symbol of Uranus with the Queen of swords in the Minor Arcana and the Devil of the Major Arcana. Nothing in the images is just an error, or an anomaly.

Write down your observations and inferences for the Tarot Reading.

Try to figure out if the Tarot Reading inferences come true in your life.

Try to write down if Tarot Reading how much of your understanding came true.

Now, you know you are one step closer in Tarot Reading to your life and understanding about your life and about others.

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