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How To Deal With The Negative Tarot Cards?

Dealing With Negative Tarot Cards

Imagine a situation! You are waiting for the solution to your query, and you get negative tarot cards in the reading session! Isn’t it scary!

Sure it is! After all, we think a lot about the questions that we are going to ask, we do our homework and then anticipate for some positive ray of hope for our queries. And suddenly your hopes crash like a pack of cards because negative tarot cards show up in the spread.

Tarot cards like The Tower, Devil, Death, The three of swords are the most dreaded ones, and negative tarot card reading can invoke fear in the minds of the querent. They refrain from referring the Tarot card reading because they don’t know how to deal with the negative tarot cards!!

However, you should not forget that the negative tarot card reading is a learning experience for you just like you learn from the bad experiences in your life! 

So it is all in your mind and all about your attitude! The negative tarot cards look negative because you see the dark part and avoid looking at the positive features.

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The Dark Truth About Tarot Cards

For the past few years, Tarot cards and reading have gained immense popularity across the globe! More and more people are inclined towards this mystic and divine science to get the much-needed inspiration and find a ray of hope!  

However, the dark truth about tarot cards is that each card in a tarot deck has a positive and a negative side. The outcome of the tarot interpretations depends a lot on your frame of mind, the question that you are asking and the intuitive energies. 

How To Deal With The Negative Tarot Cards?

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Relax! It’s not the end of the world if you have got negative tarot cards in the reading session. Given below are some of the ways to tackle this situation:-

  • Be open to the scenarios- The best bet in the case you get the negative tarot cards is to be open to all the cases that you might encounter. Obviously, Tarot reading does not unveil your desires and wishes. Instead, it tells you the events, the reasons, and the possible results. The best strategy is to banish all the fears and your desires and go with the flow.

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Not everything you see in the tarot cards is going to transform your life. Be very open and receptive to the negative things that may pop up in the tarot reading session.

  • See the way Tarot cards are placed- If you see a negative tarot card in the reading then obviously it is scary! However, the first thing that you should look at is the way these cards are placed. It means the actual physical placement of the card! The Tarot spread helps you to find the actual meaning of the specific card.
  1. Past- It simply means that you have left behind the negative aspects, and it is time to focus on good things.
  1. Present- If the negative card is placed in the present position, then it means it’s the time of exit for the negative aspects of your life.
  1. Future- If negative tarot cards are placed in the future, then it means you will be in the driver’s seat as far as your life events are concerned. You will be able to transform your life if you can make the required changes in your attitude and methods.

The negative Tarot cards do not mean that something bad is going to happen to you for sure. The appearance of such cards is maybe a warning sign for you to be prepared and these cards enable you to steer your life in a positive direction. 

  • Develop a strategy– You may hear some great thing in a daily/weekly horoscope or the tarot reading.  However, if you get great news while you are trying to avoid the dark aspect is a very different ball game! Your target should be to exit the reading session with a strategy to execute your plans in the future to tackle the upcoming situation.

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In this case, you will be a winner because you know what you are going to do in the future. The negative aspect will take a back seat.

  • Refrain from Negative thoughts- It is said that the negative thoughts may turn into a reality if you worry too much. There is a very prominent rule which is called the law of attraction if you think negative then worse things may happen. You may suffer through a lot of mental tensions, may become lethargic and suffer from anxiety & stress. 

Remember that negative forces cannot direct your entire life so you should always be optimistic about your goals and motives in your life.

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Now days, various tarot reading applications are available, which not only provide you insights but also give you the solutions and advice. And, one such app is Tarot Life! 

Hence, even if you get negative tarot cards in your reading session, you can still sail through the tough times with the help of the insights given by Tarot Life!


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