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Know About the Process of Tarot Card Reading


Want to know the process of Tarot card reading? This will be an exciting journey for you. Trust me!

Learning this divine art of Tarot card reading is an amalgamation of the knowledge about the various tarot cards & your intuitive power. There is no black & white way in the process of tarot card reading. Normally, a tarot card reader develops his/her own style over time and with regular practice.

Before we get started with the basic tarot card reading for beginners, lets first get to know a little bit about the way Tarot Card reading emerged into the current form:-

History of Tarot cards

The historical form of tarot cards was a pack of playing cards, and they gradually emerged as a divine science of making predictions. Historically, Tarot cards have existed since the 1400s and were in the form of a game which slowly became very popular in entire Europe and other countries. 

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Eventually, people started to look for tarot card predictions, and this divine science became popular all over the world.

What are the tarot cards?

Tarot cards are a pack of a total of 78 cards where each of the cards depicts a different story, image, and a symbol. The tarot cards are used to get clarity & solution to the ongoing issues in life. These cards also reveal past events, give valuable insights about the present state, and make predictions.

Tarot cards are used for a multitude of objectives like spiritual coaching, telling fortunes, divination & making future predictions. The cards in the tarot spread are connected with each other in some way and depict a specific story. An expert Tarot card reader can make out these symbols & stories and communicate the message to his/her clients.   

Process of Tarot card reading


Tarot is all about using the intuition power to provide guidance and not about telling the exact future; this is the fundamental principle of Tarot card reading. The best way to use the tarot cards is to use them to check your intellect and intuition. The images on the card lets you know the various details in your subconscious mind. With the newly found intellect, intuition, you can make the desired changes in your life.

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Eventually, you can realize your dreams, and that’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Given below are the steps to the process of tarot card reading:-

  • Be comfortable first– When you begin tarot reading process, it is important that you relax and become comfortable first. Then only, you can hear your inner voice and use your intuition. Take some deep breaths and exhale the worries out!
  • Reshuffle the deck– When tarot cards are being read, it is important that you start afresh! Your tarot deck was used previously, and there is a chance that some energy remains from the previous session. The best way is to rearrange the deck by shuffling. Once you have done it, keep the deck in your hand and try to make a connection. 
  • Ask A Specific Question– When you have your deck in your hands or on a mobile app, ask your question. Give some time to this process and allow your question to travel from the brain into the deck!
  • Three Card spread– Various structures are being provided by the Tarot in which you can check your question. One of the most popular tarot card spreads is the three-card spread which depicts the past, present & future. You can go through the cards one by one and try to understand the message.
  • Read the message– Now you should try to understand the message conveyed by each of the cards and also the way you react. Try to gauge the symbols, emotions, things, feelings, etc. as you are in the reading process. As you work on developing your reading skills, you can trust your intuition more rather than the resources. Your endeavor should be to correlate your question and the message depicted by the card.
  • Close the reading process– The way we read the tarot cards and follow a specific process, it is equally important to close the reading in a particular manner. Once you are done with the reading, you should express gratitude, clear the tarot cards and place the deck at  a safe and secure place.

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Tarot Life– Your mystic guide in Tarot card predictions

There is an amazing app called Tarot Life that you should try for tarot card reading. This app is free to download and armed with great features which are as follows:-

  • Astrology
  • Tarot
  • Numerology
  • Ask a question

You can also read the meanings of the Major Arcana cards and get started with the basic Tarot reading for beginners through this app. 


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