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Find The Best Way To Calculate Numerology Numbers Easily

Get Your Numerology Readings In An Instant

Numerology is the divine science used to determine the interrelationship of all numbers with our lives. This is why all of us want to know how to calculate Numerology number, and what is their significance in our lives. 

What if we tell you that we have for you the best way to calculate Numerology number with immense accuracy and precision and it will reveal a lot about your life and future. But first, for those who are not aware of Numerology, let’s understand this prediction methodology and its different indicators:

What is Numerology? 

It is an ancient science that studies the different aspects of personality. It gives insights about the purpose of life, the troubles, and the challenges you may face through numbers. It also depicts various opportunities that you may encounter during your life. Similar to Astrology, It gives information about what can work and what can not in your life.

What are the different numerology numbers? 

There are several numerology numbers and each is associated with a unique calculation. Let’s find out what these numerology numbers are how to calculate them. 

  • Personality Number– It depicts features of your personality and gives you an overview of how others perceive you. Once you realize about the same, you can combat the false perception and allow your inner soul sparkle. This numerology number is calculated by the consonants of the first name.

This is calculated by adding up the consonants of the full birth name. There is a chart in which each alphabet is assigned a specific number. Take the name and assign a number to each consonant and add the number. If the addition comes to a two digit number, then add the digits again till the time you get a single digit. This will be your personality number.

  • Life Path Number- It is considered to be the most important number for you, and it depicts your positive/negative aspects, lessons, problems, and the major events of your life. This numerology number helps you to find the potential opportunity, and clarifies your vision in life. 

The first step is to consider your birth date and then add up the digits of the day, month & the year to a single digit. Eventually, add all these three single digits to get a consolidated number which is again a single digit.

  • Soul Number- It gives information about your strengths, likes, dislikes, etc. In simple words, it allows you to get a reflection of your inner self that was not known to others. It is also known as the Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge Number, and its calculation is done by adding the vowels in your birth name. 

The first step is to take your entire name and remember that only vowels are used for calculation of soul number. Again, assign the number to each vowel from the chart, add the values and reduce it to a single digit number. This will be your soul number.

  • Destiny Number– It gives an overview of your character, your goals, and the way you can reach them, and the possible problems that you may encounter. It is calculated by your complete birth name and is also known as the Expression Number. 

Again, you have to consider your full name. The full name may include your first name, middle name, and the last name. You should assign numbers to each part of the name and bring them down to a single digit individually. Post this, add these single digits to get your destiny number, again bring it down to a single digit only.

  • Maturity Number – It reveals you the time when you will attain stability in all aspects of life. Being the combination of your Destiny and Life Path Number, this number reveals the ultimate purpose and goals in your life and when will everything in your life will be stable. 

Simply add up your life path and destiny number to get your accurate maturity number. 

However, these methods need you to calculate the numerology numbers manually which can be quite cumbersome. These days there are apps that can be used to calculate numerology number where you just need to enter your full name and birthdate, and all your numbers will be calculated in a jiffy!

It is the easiest & best way to calculate your numerology numbers & get insights!

One such app is Tarot life, which has a specific section of Numerology. You can get all your numbers immediately once you enter your name & date of birth. Also, you can get the readings as well as per the numbers that exhibit your traits and nature. Tarot Life is a must try app!


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