5 Most Common Tarot Cards For Love Relation In A Reading


Using Tarot cards for love relation is not a new phenomenon. Experts have used tarot cards all over the world since ages. You can take the help of tarot cards reading to find your true love, to know about the quality of your relationship, and whether your relationship is long term or not?

Questions about the love relationships are most prominent in any tarot reading session. There is a similarity between love and tarot, both are like mirrors, and both of them do not reflect the aspects as per your choice. Tarot cards for love relation reveal your love life honestly advising you to strengthen the positives and work on the negatives.

In a love reading, there are certain tarot cards that are good news and some are not. While some cards appear quite frequently, some do not Below mentioned five cards are the most common tarot cards that appear in a love reading session. However, they cannot be termed as the relationship cards just because they come up in love reading sessions. A lot depends upon the other cards in the spread. However, here we will try to know the tarot meaning of five cards when it comes to love.

●       The King of Pentacles- It is the symbol of wealth, abundance and indicates that worldly goods will be manifested. When this card appears in the spread, then it reflects a robust partnership between you and your beloved. Both of you will enjoy the blissful relationship.

Also, if this card is being pulled for a particular partner, then it means then he/she will play as a giver in this relationship. This is important as the specific person will be able to build a solid base so that the coming generations will not have to toil hard in the years to come. The King of Pentacles denotes a long term relationship.

●       The Ace of Swords- It signals that a life-changing decision will be made and you will not be able to control it. You will become more conscious, and you will engage in in-depth communication with the inner self. If you are facing a bad phase in your relationship and about to get separated or breakup, then one of you may take the lead and take a mutual decision. If your relationship is robust, then you may have to live away due to family issues, travel, etc. If you are single, then you will be looking forward to breaking the old traditions.

●       The World- It depicts the completion of one full cycle, namely life, death & rebirth. It is the symbol of bravery, and it shows that you have grown in your relationship and moved into the commitment stage. You will be super excited about future life and appreciate your learnings from the past.

●       The Eight of Cups- Cups and the water are the symbol of spirits. This card in the spread depicts that you want fulfillment at your own level and can leave behind the love relationships for the same. You may be single and not intimate with anyone. You should ask yourself questions like why is space needed in your existing relationship, why it’s not an appropriate time to get into a committed relationship? How can you be more intimate in your relationship?

●       The Page of Wands- It depicts an important lesson that you may learn through your love life. This card will teach you about the importance of passion and intimacy in your love life. If you are in a relationship, a single or you are just looking to pass the time; you will get important insights about your passion, which is an important aspect of initiating something.

You can use love tarot reading app as well to get the insights about your relationship. These apps have tarot cards for love relation, and one such excellent app is Tarot Life through which you can get accurate information about the various facets of your love life. Tarot Life has two salient features regarding love relationships, one is love tarot, and another one is true love spread tarot. To find your true love, refer to these amazing features and take decisions accordingly.

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